This past year I began posting what I refer to as my "Aha" Moments or Moments of Awareness.


What are Moments of Awareness

Some moments are very recent ... as they are new Dimensions of Personal Awareness Moments for me ... fascinating concepts that suddenly reveal themselves in my mind, one thought at a time.

And some of these moments are from past life journeys ... and go as far back as 1973 ... and amazingly, still have many of the original handwritten pages.


The Process

Once I have the new Aha Moment verbiage entered in the computer, I then look for an appropriate graphic that compliments the words ... as I feel the graphic adds a deeper meaning to the reader on a personal level.


There is also a search tool at the top right-hand portion of the screen where you can enter a single key term or a phrase to create a list of posts that contain your search terms exactly as you entered them and will be included in the search results displayed. Try it!

Have any comments or suggestions ... I encourage you to please communicate. You are likely to enjoy where our talk journeys.


About Moments of Awareness (MoA)

All content written on these web pages are based on Ronnie's life experiences and studies.

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