"When the soul is starved for nourishment, it lets us know with feelings of emptiness, anxiety, or yearning" ~ Rebbe 1902-1994

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Basic Assumptions of Dimensions of Awareness

What Are "Dimensions of Awareness"? 

Simply put, each of us has experienced many Dimensions of Awareness over the course of our evolving life journeys. Some of our dimensions are very similar to the last ... while some very different. Our own current Dimension of Personal Awareness is the culmination of the knowledge, experience, and wisdom we (choose to) bring with us as we transform from one dimension to the next. NOTE: One dimension is not necessarily better than another ... they just diffuse different frequencies based on the content of the Dimension of Awareness they exist in.

Dimensions of Awareness Evolve

Many reasons for Dimensions to change ... some change is gradual ... and some change, "bam", it's is done. Major life-cycle events act as catalysts to our Dimension changes ... things like the beginning and endings of a relationship or marriage ... the death of a loved one ... career or job change or loss ... moving ... an NDE or difficult health issue ... starting or ending a social or religious group and many other life events. We've all experienced our own reasons for change ... and some of us, more often than others.

evolution of man

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