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Introduction to the Dimensions of Awareness Paradigm

Our planet has dramatically changed since it crossed over into the 21st century ... and mankind has drifted further and further apart from each other and from peace on earth.

And sadly mankind has distanced themselves from "the-who" they truly are at their divine core essence of self ... becoming instead the who they have been unknowingly molded and reprogrammed to be by society.

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My Intention

To share this extraordinary life paradigm found in "The Age of Loving-Kindness" with those who have a clear desire to evolve to their own optimal state-of-being so they can compassionately flourish in consciousness with others.


Ronnie Kaufman


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Welcome and join me as we journey to a dimension where there is no right or wrong ... a dimension of only"Silent Knowing".  ~ Ronnie Kaufman  b:1947


All content written on these web pages are based on Ronnie's life experiences and studies.

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