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Maintaining Peace-of-Mind in this Ever-Changing World 

What do you do to maintain Peace-of-Mind in your life ... with your relationships ... your career ... or anything and everything else that’s important to you?  And most importantly, Peace-of-Mind in your own Heart-Spirit.

An Ontological Approach to Peace of Mind

Using an ontological approach, you'll learn to explore your own Dimensions of Awareness experienced during the various stages of your life ... so you can begin to authentically claim the-who you truly are underneath it all ... from the inside out. 

The Dimension of "Silent Knowing"

And as you continue to practice this process of exploring, you begin to pass through to a new Dimension of Awareness, a surrendering that begins to reveal the freeing Dimension of "Silent Knowing". And with this "Knowing" ... comes an enduring awareness of Peace-of-Mind.


The Age of Awareness - Know Thyself

Creating and maintaining lasting freedom begins when you realize that by exploring your own Dimensions of Awareness of the-who you truly are today both inside and outside ... and importantly the-who you are not ... that's when the door begins to swing open and the magic starts to happen in your life.

A Difficult Challenge - Finding You

It's not easy understanding the-who you truly are today ... and not the-who you think you are ... or the-who you think others think you are ... or the-who you used to be ... or even the-who you hope to be. But instead, the-who you are at your "Divine Inner Essence", your organic self. This is the critical first step in evolving to that Dimension of "Knowing" ... your Awareness of your Divine Inner Essence you were born with.

 "Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do."    ~ Brené Brown b:1965  


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