The Evolving of Awareness

Validating Your Own Dimensions of Awareness

During Dimensions of Awareness (DoA) discussions we'll practice the below Awareness Phases.

Avoiding Destiny

The purpose of these phases is so that you can understand yourself at various dimensions in your life, from an inside-out point of view as you organically (or not) transitioned from one DoA to the next during the various life journeys you've experienced in your past ... the DoA you are in the present ... and the DoA you choose for yourself and gladly welcome home to live your life in the future. And it's up to you to decide when this future begins. 

Awareness Phases

  • Exploring your current Dimensions of Awareness of "the-who" you are right now, today ... and the vulnerabilities and barriers they represent both known and unknown.

  • Discovering how your current Dimensions of Awareness were formed by naming those key thought influencers in your life as well as your social, economic and cultural environments that defined so many of your starting life "Truths" ... and by also identifying the recurring life patterns you've experienced during your various life journeys each with their own set of realities.

  • Awakening your own Awareness of the life long changing coherence between the foundational dimensions of your life experiences (and relationships) ... your God-Soul, your Animal Soul ... an awareness that reveals the harmony required to evolve into your Pure Inner Core Essence and live your life fully with Peace-of-Mind.

Mind Meld
  • Living each day with confidence as your newly revealed life potentials and desires now guide you along your life journey ... as you begin to experience first hand your own Dimension of "Knowing" ... and through practice, learn intuitively to "Trust the Wisdom of Your God-Soul".

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 "Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive - the risk to be alive and express what we really are.." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz b:1952 

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