A Letter in the Night

Chicago - November 1965 - Age: 18

Preface: I was a freshman in college and was just discovering girls and hormones and such and began my explorations about what love was all about. The letter is self-explanatory ... And yes, it was this Puppy Love for sure that 1st opened up Pandora's box.

A Letter in the Night

“I couldn't sleep at all last night, I tossed, I turned yet it was a losing fight. That's when I decided to jot down what came to my mind. Read on my love, and see what you shall find.”

My Dearest,

The days have gone by oh so quickly. And yet it seems an eternity since I've last kiss your lips. Your beauties, your charms I shall never forget. For how could I forget the one thing I love most of all.

For how could I forget the one thing I love most of all.

I still remember that first night we met. Tis truly a moment I shall never forget. How I held you in my arms so tight. Only I could have known why I fell in love with you that first night.

I wanted to tell you how much I loved you and how much I cared. Yet I wasn't sure if my love alone you could share. That's when I played those silly, silly games with you. It wasn't long … and soon we were through.

What's that, you still don't know why? Come now it's obvious why I just want to die. You still don't know, oh come now do. You've broken my heart girl, but I'm still in love with you.

by Ron Kaufman from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection


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