Answers and Questions

Tucson, AZ - June 1976 - Age 29

Preface: Was hanging out on the University campus and feeling a little perturbed at life ... and maybe even laughing at myself as the following questions starting popping in my head.

Answers and Questions

As deep is deep and as shallow is shallow. As high is high and as low is low. Does the circle ever have an ending? Does life ever have a new place to go?

Questions and answers. Answers and questions. Now aren't they really just the same? Which came first, now that’s the question. Who has this answer? Is there ever enough time to explain?

Whatever answers that are needed, They somehow are always found and are always right. Just match the answers to their fitting questions, And pray that day is really day and night is really night.

Who knows? …. Who can really say?

by Ron Kaufman from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection

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