Labyrinth of Life Collection by Ronnie K.

Filtering Rays of Memories

Chicago - July 1973 - Age 26

Preface: Mason was away a few days on one of her modeling jobs this time up at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I was very jealous as my mind went every place that was evil ... but I had my reasons. I was alone in her bedroom thinking of her in utter loneliness and imagined she was with me sitting on the bed. And I began to write this note to her.

Filtering Rays of Memories

Memories … what are they made of? Dreams of the past, those thoughts in my mind that seemed to last and last.

Things I’ll never forget until the end of time. The days we were together when I loved you so and you were mine.

Precious moments I will never have again. Those precious moments when you and I were friends.

The times we were together … it's all now but a dream, as I wake up in the morning to an empty room filled with memories of you and filtering rays of Sun beams.

Ron Kaufman

from his "Labyrinth of Life" collection

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