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Mobile, AL - August 1974 - Age 27

Preface: It had been 4 months since I had last seen my teacher of life and intimate lover. She left Chicago, the country and me to venture to a small island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean, 50 miles off the coast Spain.

I needed someone to talk to about my very broken heart so I called my uncle Will and asked if I could come visit him to talk about my life. I considered him a very loving and compassionate soul who I trusted with my life.

He lived in Mobile, AL and had a secluded get-away home on Dolphin Island located in Mobile Bay where we could go to have deep private conversations.When I arrived in Mobile, there were hurricane warnings and we had to cancel going to the island.

That 1st evening around mid-night, I was sitting in the enclosed back porch of his home watching the storm. The lightening frequently would light up the entire area and I could see the rain pouring down and the Weeping Willow trees swaying in the wind.

It was then that I found a pencil and paper and began to write in these satirical thoughts to myself.

Found Answers

Here I am, miles away from home ... no one to care for, my life is quite alone

Here I am, miles away from home. No one to care for, my life is quite alone.

I seem to be searching, Yet I know not what I’m trying to find. I guess the answers to the questions, Man has always had churning at his mind.

Things like, “How to be happy?” … And “What is life about?” It’s questions like these, That have left my mind in doubt.

And when I think I’ve found the Answers … All I ever really have, Are more Questions about these Answers … It’s enough to drive me mad.

by Ron Kaufman

From his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection

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