My Labyrinth of Life Chronicles
by Ronnie Kaufman
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Love's Friend

Chicago - May 1974 - Age 27

Preface: This was my very 1st song lyric I wrote. It was 5 weeks or so after my lover and teacher for the past 18 months left me. I was sitting in my living room wondering over and over again ... just what Love was all about ... and why it had eluded me. Finding answers were easy ... living the answers ... well that's another story all together.

Love's Friend

Love … have you no beginning? Love … have you no end?

So many have known you, Yet there are so many hearts left to mend.

Some have known you many times, While others but once.

To some you are hard to find, While to others you are in abundance.

I always wanted Love as my friend, I thought of it that way.

To have Love as my friend, And be happy every day.

It’s taken me such a long time to realize, Why this had not come true.

Because I found Love needed me as a friend, I found Love needs friends too.