Meaning in My Life​

Tucson, AZ - September 12, 2015 - Age: 68

Preface: This time period has been the most emotionally challenging, painful and difficult time of my life by far. It shocked and shattered my world of awareness from the foundation on up.

But am oh so grateful that I found within myself … and with the support of a few dear friends … the courage to stick in there every day ... one step at a time ... guiding myself out of the long dark tunnel I found myself lost and seemingly trapped in.

Now that I have begun my freedom from the entrapments of “past truths”, I feel fortunate to be able to openly share my experience with others … and my learnings … and the life altering events that have occurred for me … as it has been transformational to say the least.

I have become a new “being” in so many wonderful ways ... experiencing the very emotions of the caterpillar as it awakens as a butterfly … and now with a sense of freedom to enjoy and appreciate the world with new eyes.

And it feels very special to me … and I am most excited about it every day. My life has taken on new meaning as the following writing so describes.

I finally realized there was no end to the often lonely pursuit of finding the meaning in my life

Meaning in My Life​

I finally realized there was no end to the often lonely pursuit of finding the meaning in my life … meaning that I had been searching for as long as I can remember … and now have finally stopped.

But what I found instead was something so much more incredible.

You see, each morning when I wake, I feel grateful that my soul has been restored to my body … and for the opportunity I will have that day to share love and joy with family, friends … and most important with the strangers I meet along the way.

And please know, most days I am successful. And please know, most days I now have meaning in my life.

by Ronnie Kaufman

from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection

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