My Labyrinth of Life Chronicles
by Ronnie Kaufman
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My Dandelion

Chicago - February 1974 - Age 27

Preface: This was a most difficult writing to admit to myself ... truth ... that the woman I loved so very deeply was at times intimate with other men while seeing me. It hurt a lot but I knew I had to accept this difficult fact if I wanted to be with her ... and I did. It was who she was and deeply ingrained as part of her nature. I think it was the first time the word "acceptance" had a meaning for me.

My Dandelion

My Dandelion - So fresh and inocent
My Dandelion - Once upon a time ... so fresh and inocent. For me, just like my life itself.

A woman who loves them all ... is this good or is this bad? And yet she loves no one ... is she happy or is she sad?

Only she knows the answer to this ... for who are we to judge this day. Only she knows the answer to this as she gives each kiss away.

But I wonder sometimes exactly what she would have to say.

"Well of course I love them all silly boy ... of course I do and why not? They are all so precious to me you know. Why should I spoil the plot?"