My Labyrinth of Life Chronicles
by Ronnie Kaufman
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So How Many Years

Chicago - January 1973 - Age 26

Preface: I had just finished the night shift as the projectionist in a movie theater. There were lots of people leaving the theater with me ... and as I watched the crowd, began to wonder what the people on our planet was all about.

So How Many Years

The road to forever and ever
The unending road to forever and ever ...

How many years was it for you, Before you could understand ... The reasons some men live in cities ... And others desert sands.

Or the reasons why some men are black ... And some men are white. Or why the poor are usually wrong ... While the rich are usually right.

How many years has it been for you, Before you could realize ... That too many of us are playing Batman and Robin ... Or else trying to be "Superfly".

Or why you are what you are ... And what your life’s about.

Or why the answers to these questions ... Leave your mind in doubt.

So how many years? So how many years?

by Ronnie Kaufman

from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection