The Path and the 3 Challenges

Tucson, AZ - May 2004 - Age 57

As I thought about what it was I needed to change in my life, I defined the next path in my life I felt I needed to pursue.

The Path and the 3 Challenges

It is no secret that there is a spectrum of different spiritual paths to choose from … some paths may lead to the mountain top … and some that don’t. They are all so promising during those first steps. And there is much to be written that describes each but such is for another time.

I have experienced a variety of spiritual paths … all with their own beauty and similarities.

In my personal journeys, I have experienced a variety of spiritual paths … all with their own beauty and similarities and with their own unique set of values of “right and wrong.”

Over the years as my life has shifted both in direction and dimension, I have needed to choose my next spiritual path … it often was obvious yet difficult to choose. This is the 1st Challenge - Choosing.

Then preparing for it … in mind and in heart … then actually beginning the journey … the 2nd Challenge – Mindset.

And continuously making the effort of moving along the path … staying focused … at times with much progress … and other times remaining at the same encampment learning/re-learning lessons over and over again … until the importance of mastering time is comprehended. This is the 3rd Challenge – Focus.

Yet when allowed, this 3rd Challenge gives each day purpose. It offers a peaceful and satisfying reason for prayer and meditation …to stay focused … to be in harmony with it All … and re-nourish Spirit from Soul … and continue the Journey on the chosen Path.

And most important and foremost … the Journey is not about all that can be accomplished for Self … but all that can be accomplished for the purpose of Serving.

by Ron Kaufman

from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection

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