Glossary of Terms
The Age of LovingKindness (TALK)

Glossary of terms used in the Age of LovingKindness paradigm. These terms are found throughout the website including Dimensions of Awareness, Moments of Awareness Collection and Labyrinth of Life Chronicles.

EgoCenter, AnimalSoul

Puts Self first above all else ... always taking care of one's physical needs and personal desires including greed, lust, power with little interest in taking care of the needs of others ... in Jewish mysticism, known as the Yetzer Hara


God, YourGod, MyGod, OurGod

It is the name that you call "your god". Some common names are God, Hashem, Christ, Buddha, Shiva, The Force, Source, GodSource, Source Energy, Universal Energy, The ALL, and others.



Most refer to their GodSoul simply as Soul .... others as their Guardian Angel ... to some as their Spirit Animal ... and other possibilities.

Your GodSoul functions as your personal advisor to help you make day to day choices as well as advising on your strategic life plan. This advise it offers you is based on both the wisdom from its past lives and the wisdom gained in this life.

It also functions as the communication portal between your HumanSpirit and YourGod.



A place where your emotional experiences are registered and accessed.

Caring about the wellness of others ... sacrificing for the sake of others ... in Jewish mysticism, known as the Yetzer Tov.



When you offer "others", both friend and foe, compassion and understanding and empathy for who and what they are and what they are experiencing in their life ... just because that's who you are.


Purpose, Meaning

What ever it is you do that creates a "compassionate" energy ... that others feel grateful for receiving ... with shared SilentKnowing. That's your purpose.



A knowing in your HeartCenter and GodSoul, with no doubt, the reality just how "something" truly "Is".

When the Knower ... and the Knowing ... and the Known ... become One with each other in the wisdom of the HeartCenter.


Wisdom Circle

The Wisdom Circle is a place where you can journey to have open discussions with Ronnie K ... with no right or wrong ... a place of unique "SilentKnowings".