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The Dimensions of Awareness Paradigm

You "Knowing" You

The time has come when individuals can choose to awaken their true identity of the-who they are at the divine core essence of self ... the divine inner essence they were born with ... and to understand and appreciate the following "Silent Knowing" ... "Living life fully and with meaning ... it starts by living life fully as You."

Frequency Towards Global Consciousness

And when you begin living your life as You, your personal energy frequencies also begin to recalibrate to include the frequencies of Global Consciousness. This is a key reason I am sharing The Age of Awareness paradigm for those who are ready.

Personal Awareness Expansion

Another key benefit The Age of Awareness cultivates is the expansion of Personal Awareness (frequencies) allowing passage to other rich Dimensions of Awareness to observe and interact with your own real-world life journey with fresh perspectives to explore.

We grow when we remember

"Life is bigger than our explanations of it. To be in touch with life, go beyond your explanations."

~  Julio Olalla b:1945    

All content written on these web pages are based on Ronnie's life experiences and studies.

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