This past year, I began posting what I refer to as my "Aha" Moments or Moments of Awareness from the past 50+ years.
What are Moments of Awareness
Some moments are very recent ... as they are new  Self-Awareness-Moments for me ... fascinating concepts that suddenly reveal themselves in my mind, one thought at a time.

And some of these moments are from past life journeys ... and go as far back as 1973 ... and amazingly, I still have many of the original handwritten pages when 1st written.

The Process
Once I have the new Moments of Awareness verbiage entered into the computer, I then look for an appropriate graphic image that compliments the words ... as I feel the image adds a deeper meaning to the reader on a personal level.


Thanks for coming by to explore with me those past moments from my heart and soul of days gone by ... moments from another time and another place. At times I could not stop writing as it helped me to barely keep my sanity.


One thing for sure ... the journey I thought my life would take me on ... and the journey I experienced were light-years apart. 


In hindsight, I say "Thank You" Universe for all the teaching you provided. It was not easy and at times, I was ready to give up … yet today I deeply appreciate where my understanding of Life and Love and MyGod has evolved.