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When Our Soul Awakens

The Magic of Soul Whispering


NOTE: Definitions to underlined words can be found in the Glossary of Terms by clicking on them.

Purpose of Soul Whispering

To immerse your unified Human Spirit into a new life dimension that connects your HeartCenter and GodSoul in harmony and compassion ... while transitioning into a powerful life paradigm of learning to believe and trust in yourself.


What a Soul Whisperer Offers

A Soul Whisperer acts as a mentor and teacher to your own HeartCenter and GodSoul.

A Soul Whisperer will guide you in explorations of your own unique Dimension of Self-Awareness with tools that reveal the essence of the-who you are at your core Human Spirit ... and importantly the-who you may no longer want to be.

And as a caring and supportive teacher, a Soul Whisperer will share with you previously hidden doors to open and to explore while in search of unknown understandings and wisdom missing from your own Dimension of Life. "You don't know what you don't know."

And like a caring and supportive teacher, a Soul Whisperer will not tell you what to see as you choose to open these doors and step through ... because the breakthrough life revelations and wisdom you discover ... are yours and yours alone to own.

Touch Stones

Touch Stones of Soul Whispering

  • Soul Whispering begins with a journey of exploring your own unique Dimension of Self-Awareness, both known and unknown.

  • Exploring your own self-awareness can be accomplished together with a Soul Whisperer using self-awareness tools that include "Four Life Awakenings".

  • Tools that when practiced, reveal personal life "aha moments" that up to now have been concealed from the-who you are today.

  • And these "aha-moments" when processed, transform into new and welcomed personal life truths to embrace every day.

  • Truths that naturally nourish and strengthen your very own and unique HeartCenter and GodSoul.

  • And as these truths are embraced, you will come upon an amazing doorway to yet another dimension of life.

  • And you will embrace what you perceive is on the other side of this doorway ... and step through with intention.

  • With the intention of belonging to and living life in this very special Life Dimension.

  • A Life Dimension that provides refocused lenses and compassionate eyes to understand the importance of gratitude in daily life.

  • Caring eyes that see an amazing life that surrounds you with joy.

  • A life with a loving and peaceful freshness about it sourced from a SilentKnowing.

  • And most importantly, this transformation is all based on your own unique and loving desires.

  • Desires that originated and radiated out from the very core of your own HeartCenter.

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