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A Delicate Balance


Ronnie K.


Friday, November 26, 2021


Nov 30, 2021


Without my thoughts of Yesterday's life journeys gone by ...
... and without my thoughts of Tomorrow's life journeys yet to come,
... my thoughts of Today in this very moment, would have little meaning.

And all the while, I guide such thoughts to align with each other ...
... and to stay in harmony ... and to stay in balance
... with the desires of my own Heart and Soul.

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A Delicate Balance
Without my thoughts of Yesterday's life journeys gone by ... ... and without my thoughts of Tomorrow's life journeys yet to come, ... my thoughts of Today in this very moment, would have little meaning. And all the while, I guide such thoughts to align with each other ... ... and to stay in harmony ... and to stay in balance ... with the desires of my own Heart and Soul.
A Change on How You Connect
My own Dimensions of Personal Awareness have evolved these past few years to a mostly peaceful place of "Silent-Knowing" ... for I have emotionally transformed in unknown and unexpected ways ... and along with it, my Dimension of Love Energy has grown in unexpected ways too. And now that I understand how a simple daily practice could transform and nourish me emotionally and spiritually and physically with a new and positive attitude shift ... and that it was not difficult ... I knew it was time to claim it as Truth. The practice is simply this ... Perform "Acts of Loving-Kindness" every day whenever the opportunity presents itself ... large or small ... and importantly, offer them to everyone ... and often ... and realistically. Within a short time, you'll begin to notice an almost mystical change on how you connect with the world ... and how you and other see the-who you have become.
A Continuum of Disconnected Thoughts
I want to build something Incredible, - with each step followed by another, - followed by another, - followed by another ... - until suddenly Incredible arrives. People need something to believe in ... - and in this belief they want to feel safe, - and they "feel safe" (not necessarily are safe) ... in how they understand and interpret the reality of their world. And based on the history of the spaceship we are passengers on, - a spaceship that was anointed 1000s of years ago as ... "Planet Earth" - what has changed ... certainly not the reality we live in. It is most definitely the intelligent beings living here, - that determine the energy frequencies of Planet Earth, - and importantly I ask, is the spectrum of this intelligence, large or small? To me, intelligence has the 3 basic Energy Dimensions ... (continued)
A Daily Practice of Reconnecting
Acknowledge and re-connect your HeartCenter and GodSoul to "Your-God" at each day start ... and feel the radiating love flow between them. And bring this mystical connection with you throughout the day ... ... acting as your guiding star ... providing courage, lovingkindness, and compassion ... and nourishing you with Peace and Joy and Love. And be sure to share this mystical connection with family, friends and strangers too.
A Feeling of Falling
So why has fear of my chronic-sadness lasted almost all of my life? Now at 73 … I can see so well with 20/20 hindsight ... I think it came from never being introduced to the Frequency of Loving-Kindness growing up as a kid … not even that there was such a thing as Loving-Kindness. And then I thought … “What caused this Sadness in the first place?” I already knew the answer before I asked … “A fear of being all alone and not being connected to others … a feeling of falling with no end.” At times it felt impossible that I could ever pull myself out of from such a cosmic void. But that was then. … and this is now.
A FreeFalling Free-for-All
I find it quite disheartening that there is so much"spinning" of the Truth ... ... both from the politically Right and now the politically Left joining in. All I can say is I'm tired of all the "untruths" and "twisted-truths" that are allowed to be irresponsibly spewed to the public ... ... it's becoming harder and harder to breath in clean air and the freshness of truth. It feels like we have become a FreeFalling Free-for-All society ... ... with greed running loose in our government on all levels ... and I checked many times ... there is still "no parachute" to break our fall. Perhaps, it's all about counting the money ... cause someone owns 3 hotels on Boardwalk ... ... oh, and if and when there is time ... it's about taking care of the rest of us. A FreeFalling Free-for-All.
A Friend
One of the most precious things in life ... is a friend. And just as each of the petals of this rose ... ... together make it the beautiful flower that it has become … So too, do the wonderful qualities and virtues of who you are ... ... together make you a beautiful friend.
A Greeting Each Day
Just as we would like our children to greet us each day with both a "Good Morning" and a "Good Night" ... ... so it is in our relationship with GodSoul and GodSource.
A More Important Question
So tell me friend ... At this very moment in time, which is more important to you? a) Your heart & soul connection with yourself? b) Your heart & soul connection with your God? c) Could they be the same?
A New Dimension of Learning
When you become aware that the outcome of your Acts of Loving-Kindness are a catalyst for future Learnings ... a new Dimension of Learning begins to blossom. Learn well from each Act preformed ... and evolve to yet another Dimension of Learning ... the Dimension of Being. "Learn the Lesson ... Live the Lesson ... Become the Lesson ... LLB"
A Personal Awareness
I have lived many different and significant life journeys. Yet I have lived the same life journey over and over again. How can that be? And today I will begin yet another journey with hopes it will bring a different outcome.
A Practice of Silently Listening
When you are talking with someone, practice silently listening to their vibrational frequency of their HeartCenter in the moment. And once you tune into the frequency, listen to it internally and use it as an important element of your communication exchange with them ... because now you know their truth.
A Seeker
I have been and still am a seeker … but I have ceased to ask the stars for answers. Instead, I have begun to listen and trust the wisdom of my HeartCenter ... and the precious wisdom of my GodSoul.
A Silent-Knowing Revealed
I heard many times over the years, this simple para-phrased thought ... "Don't judge another until you have walked in their shoes." And today I had a new awareness, a new realization about these words. Interesting that today I understood what these words meant to me throughout my life ... ... but today I also understood these words from the perspective of "the-who" I am today ... ... an understanding that included a fresh dimension of Loving-Kindness ... ... and was revealed to me as Silent-Knowing. Baruch Hashem
A SilentKnowing is Born
When the Knower ... ... and the Knowing ... and the Known ... become One with each other, ... a new Peace emerges ... and radiates out from the HeartCenter. That's the moment a new SilentKnowing is born ... ... and united with the wisdom of the GodSoul ... as the Dimension of SilentKnowing evolves.
A Special Celebration for Your 89th Birthday
HERBERT SEMOUR KAUFMAN For your amazing life-journeys you have accomplished over many years ... ... each one with its own special Dimensions of Awareness and Learning. I officially Knight Thee "Sir Hebert Seymour Kaufman" Congratulations to You, my Friend ... You are AWESOME. ============================================ FROM MY PERSPECTIVE As I look back on your life, I would have to say that each of your many life journeys and adventures have been definitely unique ... some with break-through transformations ... and some with life-patterns remaining the same. But always done with the intension of nourishing LovingKindness. If I were to write a book about you, it would have 2 distinct volumes ... - Volume I: Herb Kaufman, the PS Years (Pre-Sylvia) - Volume II: Herb Kaufman, the SL Years (Sylvia) Your many life adventures that I knew about, both PS and SL, were always challenging and amazing in their own ways ... ... physically, emotionally and spiritually ... some quite difficult and demanding ... and some visionary ... while others, perfect just for you being there in that very moment ... and it seems that each adventure unintentionally surpassed the previous. And in a way, each of these life-journeys had their own set of rules ... ... as some rules stayed the same ... while some completely changed ... new rules were added ... and some rules, just disappeared. And each life-journey had its own unique dimension of learning ... ... and each life-journey had it's own spectrum of emotions ... ... and to acknowledge that each of these life-adventures has gotten you to where you are in this very moment in time as you read my written words. And during the unwritten closing and defining chapters of Volume II ... ... let there be much "Peace, Joy and Love" in celebration of a life-journey ... experienced ... lived ... and appreciated. BRAVO Dear Brother Herbert ... ... Sending Caring Love and Many Blessings. HAPPY 89
A Vagabond First Class
How could I share love with someone ... ... if I didn't love myself? And how could I love myself ... ... if I didn't know who I was. Well, the time finally arrived when ... ... I stopped searching for "the-who" that I might be ... ... and accepted "the-who" that I was in that very moment ... ... and began to love myself with a Silent-Knowing. And now I feel comforted ... ... as I share love with others.
A Very Brutal Companion
The mind can be a very brutal companion sometimes.
A Way to Wisdom
Stop trying to figure things out ... ... or what would be the right words to say ... or what you should do next. Instead, learn to silence your mind and trust the Wisdom of your GodSoul ... and listen with ears of Loving-Kindness (Hesed). Now practice trusting your GodSoul ... and listen to the "SilentKnowing".
Action and Words
Action and words go hand in hand ... ... And all good love is so free. But remember ... Action speaks louder than words ... ... And that's how love should be.
Am I Truly Satisfied
The most important thing in every relationship, as to whether it is successful or not ... is of course, how well you communicate with others ... and importantly with yourself too. Now, to be aware, during each of the unique dimensions of your personal life, the methods of communication with your relationships of all kinds, have changed (or not) based upon your life experiences. Ask yourself, "Am I truly satisfied with how my communications work in my life with the outside world?" Only you have the answer.
And Love More
They say "Love is the answer" ... So why then do we still find so many questions left to ask? Perhaps we need to ask less questions ... ... and Love more.
And the Buddha Replied
I asked the Buddha today ... "How old will I be when I die?" And the Buddha smiled and replied ... "As old as you need to be." I remained silent for several seconds before I sincerely asked the next question ... "As old as I need to be what?" This time, the Buddha only gently smiled at me ... and after a few moments, I found myself smiling back ... with a "Silent-Knowing" ... and my question answered ... "As old as I need to be."
Another Day ...
I am convinced that today is the 1st day of the rest of my life. And so it will be tomorrow as well ... and the next day and the next ... the 1st day of the rest of my life ... again and again, etc, etc. Another 1st day, with the opportunity to share Joy and Hope and Love. Another 1st day. Thank God, another 1st day. Yes, another 1st day to say, "I Love You". And here's to 1st days.
Any Kind of Sign
Have you ever prayed for a "Sign" ... "Give me a Sign Lord ... any kind of Sign." But the Sign never comes. Is it possible that just maybe a Sign did come ... ... and perhaps you just did not recognize it ... .. because it was a Sign to something else entirely different.
Any Purpose?
Is there really any purpose to it all? What difference will it make in what I do and feel in a thousand years ... ... or a hundred years .... .. or even just one year? But what about a purpose for this very moment in time ... ... and the next moment ... and the next? You choose? I did.
Awaiting My Arrival
I have died many deaths with yet another awaiting my arrival. What will I do differently until then? Maybe to humbly serve others and nourish the "Joy" as I do. But then I ask ... "Does anybody really care?" And what about you?
Balance Between Inclinations
What are the ways to keep the "Yetzer Ra" (ego-center) and the "Yeter Tov" (concious-center) in check and balance with each other and the human-spirit? One way is to practice healthy emotional dialogue between the two.
Because There's Always Tomorrow
I have learned to trust the Universe and know it will do what is best for me ... cause that's what the universe does ... ... and have learned to accept the outcomes it provides ... ... just because there is always tomorrow ... ... with new lessons learned about what trust is about. Now trust, taking one step at a time.
Becoming One with God
LEARN life's lessons and explore God's ways. LIVE the lessons and discover meaning in God's ways. BECOME the lessons and awaken to God's ways. ... Becoming One with God
Between Lovers
Lots of physical passion is exchanged between lovers ... and sometimes even love. Yes ... and sometimes even love.
Beyond Mastery
Learn it ... Yes, learn it. Live it ... Yes, and live it. Become it. Yes become it! And now you have gone Beyond Mastery. So it is ... And it is so.
Beyond My Abilities
I used to think I would liked to have experienced more adventures during my life journey. But now looking back on it all, am well aware I had gone well beyond my actual inherent abilities ... which over the years, provided me an on again/off again euphoric rush. And now I accept the true reality of my life ... that I am but a simple human-being who has grown to appreciate God's simple offerings. "As it has been concealed ... so it has now been revealed." - Zohar And now I smile with gratitude from my HeartCenter and say, "Baruch Hashem" ...
Black Lives Matter
"I'm not sure where this road leads ... But I'm sure if I just keep on goin ... I'll get there just the same." And you ... will you keep on goin? But then, what else is there to do? "Black Lives Matter!"
Change ... the Unending Constant of Life
For some Change means "pain and the unknown". And for some Change offers both the "Known along with the Unknown". There are those who acknowledge that Change is a major component to the equation of life ... just as they acknowledge and prepare for the change of the four seasons. For some, Change is an unexpected component in the calculation of every day living. What would we do without Change, the unending constant of life.
Connecting to the Cosmos
So many want to connect to the cosmos ... ... when they have yet to learn to connect with "pure-self".
Been searching and searching all my life ... ... for other humans that I could communicate with ... ... on a HeartCenter to HeartCenter and GodSoul to GodSoul "connectiveness". Why I never found such a "connectiveness"? ... The only reason I can think of is because it frightened me ... Maybe if I understood what "connectiveness" was about back then ... it would have been different. Where do I go next for the possibility of "connectiveness" ... perhaps a deeper reality now awaits me through my desires and actions of sincerely "serving" others ... and I am grateful for this possibility awaiting me ... " .
Demons Be Gone
Who are these dark demons and where do they come from? Do you know them too? "Demons Be Gone!" ... You can knock as much as you like, but I will NOT let you in.
Destinations and Journeys
Without a destination .... there can be no journey. ... And without a journey, life has no meaning. ... And without meaning, life has no joy. My next destination is to a place that welcomes home. What's yours?
Down to Earth
The more I grew to know things ... the hungrier I became for more knowledge ... as I realized how little I knew. But now I realize, it's time to come back down to Earth ... ... and stop my deep hunger for knowledge ... ... and instead nourish a deep hunger in my heart-spirt for living life with love.
Ein Sof
I believe in "My-God". Do you have your own "My-God" too? But just what is "Your-God"... could you articulate and describe some attributes of "Your-God"? How can so many have their very own "My-God" ... all quite unique and personalized just for them. And yet, if followed ... they all reveal the same "One-God" ... "Ein Sof".
Energy Frequencies of the Universe
It is time to learn to harness the energy frequencies of the Universe ... ... and give man-kind new meaning and understanding to life itself ... ... and the opportunity to evolve into Oneness.
Engaged in "Tikkun Olam"
I have peace of mind with the "SilentKnowing" that when I do pass-on ... ... whether it be tomorrow or in 20 years from now ... ... my "GodSoul" will continue on ... ... and will return to our planet once more engaged in "Tikkun Olam" (repairing the world). And this "SilentKnowing" pleases me and brings with it a purpose to my life at this very moment in time.
Evolution of Human Spirit
One purpose of GodSoul is to guide HumanSpirit until GodSoul is no longer essential in the evolution of HumanSpirit ... When Human-Spirit becomes free from EgoCenter's controlling ways, it begins to achieve vibrational harmony with GodSoul that acts as a connector with GodSource. Freeing can emerge with the daily practice of meditating together when both HumanSpirit with GodSoul become One ... ... and most importantly, with the daily practice of sharing LovingKindness with everyone and everything ... when opportunity knocks ... and with SilentKnowing.
Fear of Not Evolving
I have chosen to stay too comfortable in my comfort zone ... fearful that I won't evolve if I step out of it. Truth be told ... I'll never evolve unless I leave my comfort zone ... and without looking back.
Feel the Love
Don't be blind to the opposition. And don't let the opposition blind you from enjoying your life the "best you can." Just keep in mind, as the "best you can" changes ... always enjoy the "best you can" ... and "Feel the Love" ... :)
Filtering Rays of Memories
Memories … what are they made of? Dreams of the past ... ... those thoughts in my mind that seemed to last and last. Precious moments I will never have again ... ... those precious moments when you and I were friends. The times we were together … it's all now but a dream ... ... as I wake up in the morning to an empty room ... ... filled with memories of you ... ... and filtering rays of Sun beams.
Frequencies of Global Consciousness
Living life fully and with meaning ... starts by living life as "the-who" you were born as ... your divine essence of self. And when you do ... your personal energy frequency also begins to recalibrate to include the frequencies of Global Consciousness.
From the Ground-Up
It is when positive change in our global world starts from the ground-up ... that our global community can heal ... can nourish itself ... can give life meaning ... filled with joy and love. The chronic top-down approach at making our world a better place, since the beginning of recodrded time, has repeatedly failed again and again. But then it depends on whose definition of "a better world" you use.
Get Out of the way
Not to just listen to what the Universe is telling you ... ... But to get out of its way and let it happen. Try it ... "Let Go ... and let God".
Get This off My Chest
Have to get this off my chest. I feel very hurt right now. I’d like to say something mean and scream out loud ... except that’s not who I am and it won’t make me feel any better in the morning. But I think I will scream anyway when I get done writing this. It’s so difficult when someone that you want to love does not want to love you back. I understand now … maybe I’ve always understood … but just not willing to accept the truth. It has just been very hard to accept things for what they really are … and not get confused on how I hoped they’d be … but the time for me is now to accept. It just hurts.
Gifts from God
For me, tomorrows are always special gifts from God ... ... and I will always be grateful for them and look forward to the possibilities and unexpected discoveries they offer. And then be witness to what and how I can share such possibilities and discoveries with all those I meet that day ... … with both those I know … and strangers too.
GodSoul Awareness
And once you have awareness of your GodSoul ... ... follow it wisely and openly ... allow it to guide you on amazing journeys ... with with each GodSoul in the world on a different mission ... yet together all working toward achieving the same mission .. World Peace ... overflowing with Love and Harmony for everyone.
Good Morning Sunshine
As I sit on a hilltop and meditate facing east, I feel the warmth of the early morning sun on my face as it rises above the horizon and I say out loud ... "Good Morning Sunshine. There is no-one more dependable than you. Thank you for nourishing my HeartCenter with Hope, Trust, and LovingKindness."
Have a Blast
Thoughts I shared with my son today ... ... "Take life seriously ... ... but have a blast livng it."
How Many?
How many have I loved? ... How many have I lost? Yet, I have not shared Love with even one ... ... but for a few moments in time. For how could I share Love with another ... ... when I've never really experienced what Love is. And so how many have I lost? ... ... Maybe none at all.
How Oneness Can Blossom
There are three distinct dimensions we human-beings occupy ... ... Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. And each dimension continually changing according to it's own needs ... ... with each dimension affecting the others. And please note ... ... each dimension has its own meaning to the emotion of Love. And when these three meanings are in harmony ... Oneness blossoms.
How many of us?
How many of us are there ... ... seemingly trapped in an endless void of "Emotional Loneliness" ... ... with noplace to turn to ease our pain? And you?
I Had Hoped ...
For most of my life, I had hoped my life accomplishments would end up "much differently" than they have. I was sure my dear heart's desires would eventually find me and come knocking on my door. But I now realize that "much differently" was an impossible fairy-tale which I imagined ... dreams that remained intangible dreams dangling in front of my eyes ... dreams that led me to a destination called "no-wheresville." And here I am today, with a Silent-Knowing that "much differently" is exactly where I find myself today ... a place that up until now, I never knew what it was about or that it even exited ... to be at peace and to be in harmony with "the-who" I have become in my HeartCenter and with my GodSoul to guide me. Baruch Hashem
I Like "the-who" I Am Today
I like "the-who" I am today. And this means today I am appreciative of all my life experiences ... some very pretty nice while they lasted ... some were pretty lonely ... and some were emotionally painful. But here I am today, appreciating the past as just that, the past ... and living as a transformed human in a new and fresh Dimension of Personal Awareness ... with a frequency of Trust.
I Wanna Say ....
I wanna say “I love You”, but I don’t even know you. I wanna say “I care”, cause I really do. I wanna say “I need you” like nothing else matters. I wanna say these words, cause I’m wanting you. Time will let it happen, Yes I believe that it can happen. Time will let it happen cause it just has to be. Time will let it happen cause that’s what time does. Time will let it happen as it sets our hearts free. 3/28/07
I Will Never
I've come to realize all the things I will never be or have. I will never play center field for the Chicago Cubs ... ... nor own a yacht to live on ... or drive a 911 Porche Targa. I will never know my great grandchildren ... ... nor be a guest on the Johnny Carson Show. But what I will always be and have ... is the satisfaction of just being me.
If I Knew Then ...
Today I asked myself ... ... "If I knew 'then' ... what I know now... when would 'then' be?" The answer came quickly ... "When I first met her." (this 1970 picture of her recently showed up ... OMGosh!)
In a Blink of an Eye
The reality of Love ... What may seem like it would last forever ... ... only really lasts but for a few moments in time. Appreciate and cherish each of those moments before they vanish ... ... in a blink of an eye. The reality of Love.
In a Million Years - Serenity
Why not Serenity today? Why Not? Why NOT I ask? Perhaps ... Maybe? "Serenity, oh Serenity ... Where art thou sweet Serenity?" I ask yet again? "Where?"
Is this All There Is?
"You don't know what you don't know." And what you do know is all you have to choose from as your life journey continues on each day. And one day, you find yourself asking ... "Is this all there is?" Just perhaps it time to leave your comfort zone and explore.
Jedi Secrets for My Son, Jake
Become aware and practice these Power Energy Frequencies when needed: - the Frequency of Appreciation - the Frequency of Openness - the Frequency of Worthiness - the Frequency of Compassion - the Frequency of Trusting And the most important ... - the Frequency of Loving-Kindness
Let Us Unify Our Strengths
Dear Friends of my Past ... my Present ... and Friends yet to Be. Just perhaps ... ... it is time for each of Us ... and all of Us ... ... to find and acknowledge each other ... ... and unify our strengths ... ... in our common pursuit to live and maintain our own absolute Truths that continually evolve. And together, let Us join in Unity as One.
Listen to Their Wisdom Song
When you are having a conversation with another ... listen to the "Wisdom Song" they sing without feeling a need to interrupt ... and to be heard ... and to correct. For this is their truth ... feel their truth ... feel their light ... with no right or wrong ... just the Wisdom Song of their HeartCenter ... and graciously acknowledge.
Live Life to Love
I don't want to live life to just be happy ... ... I want to live life to be happy ... ... and share my Joy. I don't want to live life to just be one with MyGod ... ... I want to be One with MyGod ... ... and know MyGod is One with me. I don't want to live life to just live ... ... I want to live life with compassion ... ... and share my Love with all.
Living in the Now
"That was then, this is now." But what does that mean? It's been a long and challenging journey for me, but I finally am living in the "Now" without the "Then". I welcome this new and amazing awareness of what "Now" means to me every day of my life. And with this new "Silent-Knowing", living each day with appreciation of the divine essence of "the-who" I have been all along.
Lonely for a Hug
Yesterday afternoon while walking along Lithia Creek in the drizzling rain, I felt so lonely for a hug ... ... so I hugged a tree for several seconds. And when done I told it “Thanks”. It remained silent. But I knew a wonderful energy exchange had just taken place.
Love's Friend
Love … have you no beginning? ... ... Love … have you no end? So many have known you ... ... Yet there are so many hearts left to mend. Some have known you many times ... ... While others but once. To some you are hard to find ... ... While to others you are in abundance. I always wanted Love as my friend ... ... I thought of it that way. To have Love as my friend ... ... And be happy every day. It’s taken me such a long time to realize ... ... Why this had not come true. Because I found Love needed me as a friend ... ... I found Love needs friends too.
Makes Life a Good Thing
Having a Trusted Life Partner ... ... to enjoy and share God's beauty and love with everyday ... ... makes life a very good thing.
Master Your Past Life Events
Many are plagued with "difficult" emotional experiences from past life events ... unprocessed emotions stuffed away ... emotions desperately longing to be heard and set free. And know that each person's "difficult" is unique ... and yet so similar to that of others. Consider this ... When you look back in time at difficult life events ... be prepared not to see the past with the same emotional understanding as the who you were back then ... and not with the same mindset that was still exploring what emotions were about. But instead, understand the past through the evolved mindset of who you are today. Together with the awakened wisdom of you HeartCenter ... and with your own GodSoul you have learned to trust ... find "positive" take-aways from those difficult life events ... and importantly ... a reason to be grateful. Because now you can master your past life events with new Emotional Dimensions of Understanding as to what the past was really all about for you. And now onward my friend, as the future awaits us once more ...
Meaning in My Life
I finally realized there was no end to the often lonely pursuit of finding the meaning in my life … meaning that I had been searching for as long as I can remember … and now have finally stopped. But what I found instead was something so much more incredible. You see, each morning when I wake, I feel grateful that my GodSoul has been restored to my body … and for the opportunity I will have that day to share love and joy with family, friends … and most important with the strangers I meet along the way. And please know, most days I am successful. And please know, most days I now have meaning in my life.
Memories ... Dreams of the Past
I think Barbra Streisand said it best ... "Memories ... like the corners of our mind." From what I know ... we all experience wonderful dreams of the beautiful times from our past ... some real and some imaginary ... I know I certainly do. Dreams as only we can remember them ... times gone by that we wish would last and last. Yet sooner or later we all must open our eyes ... and face the reality ... "That was then ... and this is now." And always remember to be grateful for all those memories that still come to us when we call to them ... of what we once experienced ... of what was once ours. And smile from the inside out ... and say out loud ... "Thank You Universe ... Thank You". And get ready for tomorrow ... for soon it will be today.
Mind, Body and Soul in Balance
Getting one's mind, body and Human-Soul in balance ... ... and keeping it there ... ... is an on going process ... ... as the balance required overtime ... ... is constantly changing.
Miracle Grow
Early this morning I was in my small patio planting two tomato plants while listening to quieting and soothing music as it softly played on my iPad ... and listening to the birds sweetly sing along adding to the serenity. As I was adding a little Miracle Grow to the tomatoes to give them a life boost, I remembered when there have been times in my life that I needed a little Miracle Grow too ... guess that's what friends are for.
Morning Mantra and Prayer
I found myself saying this mantra during my meditaions and prayers this morning over and over ... ... "Nourish my heart and soul with love and joy ... Nourish my heart and soul with love and joy."
My Awareness Frequency
My Awareness Frequency is broadened when I discuss and listen openly, with no judgement, to ideas and thoughts within a gathering of Friends.
My Butterfly
Raspberry drops and lemonade ... These are things I’d surely trade. To see that smile upon your face ... And hold you in a warm embrace. Then kiss your lips so tenderly ... Then turn you loose and set you free. With hopes that you’d come back to me.
My Final Desire
I decided today that my final desire in life would be this ... To share my stories about my quest to achieve each of my heart's desires ... ... desires shared through my body ... desires shared through my mind .. and desires shared through my GodSoul. All this, so I can meet and truly appreciate "the-who" I have become today.
My Imaginary Friend
Lips to fire that lady had, lips of the fire that burned. She left her brand upon my heart, ... with a kiss goodbye, she’ll never return. Those last few days we spent together, ... I knew things were coming to an end. For soon she would no longer be my lover, ... but just an imaginary friend. Lips to fire that lady had, lips of the fire that burned. She left her brand upon my heart, ... with a kiss goodbye, she’ll never return.
My Own Master
And as my way of thinking has evolved over and over again through the years ... so too has my way of living life evolved ... as who I am. And now joyfully recognize the precious journey called Life I have traveled ... that I was always my own Master along each step I took. Always in Oneness … Always in Peace ... Always with Loving-Kindness.
My Practice
I will enjoy today as if it were my last ... and then the next day ... and the next after that. And sometimes getting past the day is difficult ... and sometimes getting past the day is filled with joy. And each day, I engage in what awaits me ... to the best I am able. And sometimes ... that even means doing nothing at all. Now you know ... "My Practice"
My Purpose ... My Meaning
Before I can know my "true" purpose and know my "true" meaning for my life ...I first must know who I am ... and who I am not ... or do I? Cause maybe there is no "true" purpose or meaning in life other than the one we choose for ourselves. Did you choose yet?
My Stillness
I have been told ... "Find the safe and comforting space of your stillness." Yet I have been still for so long now ... ... yes very still. And in this exact moment, that's all I have left ... ... my "stillness". Guess I should be grateful ... ... as there are many who don't have "stillness". And yes ... I am grateful for mine. But it feels so very lonely here ... perhaps a shift may be coming ... Blessings Friend ...
My Thoughts About Aging ...
My Thoughts About Aging ... - you find yourself passing through to a new dimension of life ... - you become appreciative in ways you never imagined ... - appreciative for all you've experienced in life ... - and importantly, appreciative of both the good and the not-good. And moving on from a dimension of "learning" ... - to a dimension of "living" what you've learned ... - and finally to a dimension of "becoming" what you've lived. And it is this dimension of "becoming" when new meaning to your life reveals itself. Remember, a) the concept of always "learning-something-new" will live forever ... however b) each unique human experience on earth unfortunately will not. So when is enough learning ... enough? When you acknowledge and trust your own Silent-Knowing. Peace, Joy and Love are yours ...
Needs ... Wants ... Desires
Tell me my friend ... When do selfishless "needs", "wants", and "desires" ... ... morph into selfish ones ... when? And what determines whether something is selfishless ... ...or whether something is selfish anyway ... what?
Nothing to Show
When you've won 1st prize so many times ... But now you've nothing to show. How should you feel, what do you say, As this empty feeling starts to grow. Why go and win another race? Why go and win again? For the glory of it all you say, But tomorrow will still come to an end.
Nourish My Heart and Soul
I use to pray to God ... ... "Heal my heart, heal my soul." Now I pray to God ... ... "Nourish my heart, nourish my soul."
Nourishing Your Heart
To heal your heart, nourish it through prayer by connecting your GodSoul with the source energy of GodSource. And as this practice of nourishing your heart continues, you begin living life in peace ... ... and in Oneness with God.
Nourishing Your Heart with Love
Practice harmony and balance between your GodSoul and your SpiritSelf through meditation. This practice opens a spiritual connection for nourishing your Heart with the GodSource energy of Love.
Number One Desire
My number one desire for planet Earth is simply this: Re-calibrate Earth's frequencies to a setting that revitalizes and strengthens the "frequency-set" of LovingKindness ... for all, and with all. And when these vibrational frequencies are present ... we each will experience an inner Oneness with our GodSoul ... creating a global consciousness for all to share ... "SilentKnowing".
On My Planet
On my planet, people are never hateful to one another. Why? Because on my planet ... ... we know when we compassionately take care of one another ... ... it’s for the well-being and serenity of our planet ... ... and serenity of us all.
On That Day of Passing
If I should be judged on my day of "passing" ... What would I like it to be based on? Perhaps on what I did and accomplished in my life? ... or perhaps on the wisdom I gained during my many life journeys? ... or maybe even the person ... "the-who" I became? ... or something entirely different? Which one would I choose? Which one? I choose all of the above please.
One thing for sure ...
The journey I thought my life would take me on ... and the journey I have experienced thus far are light-years apart. In hindsight, it's easy for me to say "Thank You" Universe for all the many challenging and difficult life lessons you provided ... and for being so patient with me​. But the journey certainly was never easy ... and at times, it was emotionally debilitating, right from the get-go. Over and over, I experienced the pain from an "emotional-void" in my life. This may sound silly, but as a kid I had no name to call this feeling of "emotional-void" ... and I thought, "That's just how it is." ... like it or not. Today, I deeply appreciate how my awareness and understanding of Life and Love and Compassion have transformed from the "the-who" I was ... to "the-who" I am in this very moment ... and then the next ... and the next ... always with an ever evolving Dimensions of Personal Awareness.
Oneness with Ein Sof
Sometimes I choose to meditate to quiet the fears causing an uneasy feeling in my HeartCenter. And when I quiet these fears ... ... an opportunity arises ... ... a joyful feeling of Peace and Oneness with Ein Sof ... ... as it soon blossoms with an inner smile ... ... and a Silent-Knowing that all is OK once more.
Oneness with God-Source
Everything eventually comes to an end ... Everything. Yet Everything is part of the continuum of Time ... the Oneness of us all ... Eternal. Thus the very Essence of how we live our lives ... is always in Oneness with God-Source.
Our Enemy by Definition
Their mission in life is to destroy anyone and everyone who does not conform to their standards of right and wrong and good and bad.
Peace and Harmony
You will enjoy true peace and harmony with your GodSoul ... but only when you free your own true divine-self and know who it is. Peel back the layers of "shoulds and shouldn'ts" that have been taught to you ... rules that have been smothering the very divine HumanSpirit you were created as. Embrace your true divine-self ... and be all you can be.
Practice of Acceptance
I am perplexed at this very moment as to ... What’s good ... and what's bad. All I know is ... “What is, is” ... And right now I don't like "What is" one bit. Except that it offers me the important practice of Acceptance ... ... acceptance of "what I can not in change."
Questions to Ponder
When you know the answers ... won't you tell me? 1. Where is the "wonder" found in life today? 2. When do your prayers come alive? 3. What's the difference between caring about someone ... and loving someone? 4. What's the difference between the Sefirot of: ... Wisdom (Chokhmah) ... Understanding (Binah) . .. . Knowledge (Daat)
Reality of Reality
Just listened to the words from this Rod McKuen song, "I'm at Peace", from 1974. Do you know of him? I heard the words of this song reflect how I feel about "the-who" that I am in this moment of time ... ... because mostly "I am at peace" ... ... with a continuing acceptance of the "Reality of Reality" ... ... and a lost passion for denying "What-will-never-be". Yes, the time is getting "closer" ... and being at peace with the "Reality of Reality" adds Silent-Knowing to my HeartCenter ... and makes it so. Baruch Hashem
Right Answers - Right Questions?
Perhaps it's not that you aren't offering the right answers ... ... perhaps you aren't answering the right questions. And how do you know if you are answering the right questions?
River of Tears
While listening to Dianna Krall sing "Cry Me a River" ... I found myself dreaming of another time ... another place ... as there were times I thought I might drown in that river ... but somehow over time ... survived a much wiser man. But occasionally I still am reminded of that river once again ... and gently smile as sweet memories float through my mind ... and I feel grateful for that journey called "Love".
As I watched the end of the movie "Citizen Kane" ... ... it made me wonder what my "Rosebud" would be. Maybe my first 26 inch bike when I was 12 years old ... ... my best friend for several years that I called "Masey". Do you have a Rosebud too? Glad I did ... cause I loved mine.
Save Me
In the back of my mind, I somehow believed that someone would come along and save me ... I guess from myself. But then, I would really never have been saved would I? Now my "Silent-Knowing" tells me I can only be saved when I save myself. And realize I can only save myself when I surrender. Questions? As for me, I've stopped asking.
Searching for Me ...
Most of my life I’ve been searching for Me. Who I was … what I was … why I was. So many times I thought I found Me. But I never did. At times I felt hopeless … like an endless wanderer of life. And so I finally stopped searching. The years passed by … and so did my life. Then for no reason at all … I heard a knocking at my door. I open the door and there he was, the person I least expected. But immediately knew who he was. I smiled and welcomed him in … along with a comforting SilentKnowing. You see ... that person was Me.
Sense of Safety?
While sitting in my yard, I watched a deer across the street in my neighbors yard munching away on the vegitation while people and cars passed it by only a few feet away ... ... and the deer did not flintch. I realized how well the deer adapted to the safe-space of Ashland. But must ask ... "Realistically, does the deer have a false sense of safety ... or does it even matter?" And what about you?
What separtates us from God? What are the barriers? Words ... simply words.
Spectrum of Life
On one end of the spectrum, life may seem so full of hope ... while on the opposite end of the spectrum, so far apart, life may seem empty and hopeless. And since the written history of man ... the two ends of the spectrum continue to remain very far apart. Now the real question I ponder is ... "Will it ever change?"
Spread your Wings with Joy and Soar
A person feeling Love without feeling Joy ... ... is like a bird that does not spread its wings when it flies. Neither can soar to the true heights of their own HeartCenter's desires. Feel the Love ... Feel the Joy ... and Soar on High.
Sweetness of Life
The Sweetness of Life ... ... to be alive and feel Joy for every moment I am witness to the acceptance of "Oneness" ... ... the acceptance that everything is connected in some way to everything else ... ... directly or indirectly ... ... each with their own unique set of time and space continuums.
The Beauty in All Things
Those who live in peace with themselves ... and peace with God ... ... see the beauty in all things.
The Comforting Oneness
I know if every day I can "Do My Best", (and my best may change from day to day)... ... and by not allowing the craziness of the world to tarnish my heart ... ... then I have the opportunity to feel the comforting Oneness with the "Sourcegod" of us all.
The Emotional Pain
The pain ... this God forsaken emotional pain ... ... there in the background always waiting for me to let my gaurd down ... always gnawing at my heart. Oh the pain. How do I get rid of this God forsaken emotional pain? I do not want to know you anymore.
The Frequency of "Faith"
The GodSoul was put on Earth to live in neither Heaven nor Hell ... ... the GodSoul is on Earth to radiate a nourishing consciousness of Love ... and is itself replenished as it connects with GodSource in Oneness. This connection is found with the frequency of "Faith".
The Genie Within
Learn to start each day by welcoming the Genie-within to join you on your day's adventure. And please know, when the Genie-within is with you ... you have an amazing trusted friend by your side. Get to know this amazing Friend ... you'll be glad you did. BTW ... I call this Genie-within, my GodSoul ... cause "There's no place like home".
The History of Truth
It seems we all want to live by the truth ... and nothing but the truth ... as long as it's our truth. And what of truth that is not ours? This truth it is not the truth at all ... but lies. And which truth prevails? Whoever controls society decides. And that my friend is the "History of Truth" since the beginning of time.
The Ignorant Man or the Brilliant Man
Who is wiser ... ... the ignorant man who is brilliant ... ... or the brilliant man who is ignorant? Or are they the same?
The Last Ember of Hatred
Only when the last ember of hatred is extinguished ... ... we can begin to have lasting peace on earth.
The League I Like
The league I like playing in is ... ... a creative continuous flow ... ... of contributing whatever my own capability is ... ... to all ... ... and receiving back.
The Next Human Design
For the next design enhancement of the human species, fill in the number below you will suggest to the Creator. And why could these changes be relevant to the survival of humans on planet Earth? a) decrease the human ego's importance by a factor of __% b) decrease humans uncontrollable desires of "animal lust" and power by __% c) and perhaps to increase the number of months in between a woman becoming fertile to ____ months. Doing so may create an enhanced cooperative connection for every human and a balance between Ego and Conscious for the betterment not only of one's Self ... but for the betterment of all inhabitants of Planet Earth. I wonder, must we wait for the next re-design for this to take place? Perhaps if we all begin to practice sharing "Loving-Kindness" between our Ego and Conscious right now ... that this could be a catalyst.
The Past No Longer Rules
Once you become aware of repetitive patterns in your life that bring with them repetitive outcomes you no longer want to experience again ... ... find a way to transition to a different Dimension of Personal Awareness where such patterns can no longer exist. And when you do ... the past no longer rules.
The Portal
Blinded by precious but important traditions … and patterns ... and habits … all which too often have overshadowed doorways/portals to other dimensions outside our own. Yet at least one of these portals has always been open to whoever knocks. This portal is simply … “The daily practice of sharing Hesed (Loving-Kindness) from your HeartCenter whenever fitting … and taking in the light as you do." And with this daily practice, you soon find yourself in a new Dimension of Understanding ... a Dimension that is part of "Silent-Knowing".
The Power of Compassion
There are "things" that all humans have in common, important things ... ... whether the humans are right or left brain thinking ... ... or have an entirely different way being. And one of these "things" most don't like to talk about is simply this ... ... the pain experienced in one's HeartCenter ... ... the pain that swoops down on us usually with little warning ... ... and often with a vengeance ... ... because something we dearly cherish and love has been negatively altered. If there was someone who was your "unknown" enemy ... could they ever feel a similar kind of pain as you in their HeartCenter as just described? Here is an opportunity in achieving peace with those of apposing thoughts ... ... no matter who they are ... ... listen with empathy to their "Pain" using the Power of Compassion. Let them know you care (... because you are wise.)
The Privileged
Our world is composed of three simple economic groups ... The Haves (2%)... the Have-Nots (55%)... and those in between (TIB) 43%. What the Haves do best ... ... is to give reason for TIBs and the Have-Nots to be in conflict with each other ... making the Haves the good guys ... and allowing these privileged to be running "it" all. Help ... help ... I can't breath.
The Themes of Life
Consider the importance of having a theme for each of the 3 Major Dimensions of your life ... Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual ... and to understand the harmony needed between all three to keep your HeartCenter balanced. If you don't have a theme for each dimension, perhaps it is time you do. And remember, as your world changes, adjust your themes accordingly. Once you have your themes settled ... let's talk. And I'll share with you mine.
The Therapy of "Hope"
Choosing "Hope" was such an essential key for me to live my life with a new kind of Joy and Meaning. I discovered with "Hope" as my friend, I had the courage to make the needed attitude shifts to my own Dimensions of Personal Awareness that made life meaningful. And found an amazing new truth in my HeartCenter ... and joyfully realized that my life has been meaningful all along. "Hope"... A Great Therapy for Life!
The Ultimate Journey: Oneness
Today, I realized ... ... with all that I know ... ... and all that I've learned ... ... and all that I have experienced ... ... I know nothing about what's truly important ... ... important in living life in Harmony with my surroundings. For this is the dimension my life's journey has now brought me to ... ... a dimension somewhere over the rainbow. And now that I've arrived ... ... I choose to begin "The Ultimate Journey" ... ... the Journey of Loving-Kindness with ... and for All ... ... the Journey of living life in Oneness, Harmony and Peace.
The Ultimate Practice: LovingKindness
The Act of LovingKindness is the ultimate practice. With your daily practice of sharing LovingKindness, you soon become aware of a most wonderful shift happening in your HeartCenter ... a change in the way you connect and relate with others in your life and the world around you ... and most important, setting free the very essence of what we all have been born with at our very core ... the ember of GodLove. And by graciously celebrating LovingKindness everyday, we live life with peace in our HeartCenter and peace in our GodSoul with and for all.
The Ultimate Process: Surrender
It takes courage to Surrender. But perhaps the courage comes from discovering the answer to ... "Surrender What?" - Who surrenders? ... EGOCenter? - What is it that EGOCenter would surrender? ... its controlling ways? - Who does EGOCenter surrender to? ... to the Godsoul? - What must EGOCenter do? ... alter old patterns and habits? - Why Surrender? ... so the Godsoul can guide EGOCenter and ConciousCenter to dance in harmony? - Purpose? ... to broaden connectivity with GlobalConciousness ... - And be at peace in the world you live.
The Ultimate Realization: Harmony
The ultimate realization for a human happens when your core-being/heart-center is vibrating at a frequency in harmony with your surroundings. And for sure ... there is more than one path that leads to the Vibrational Frequency of Harmony. Perhaps we'll meet there one day ... or perhaps we already have.
The Wise Woman
It's not the beauty of her face my friend ... - Nor the beauty of her eyes. But the beauty of her soul my friend ... - That makes a woman wise.
There is No Such Thing
As needed ... Examine your Personal-Life-Theme, and ask yourself and ask your GodSoul ... "Where are we headed? Is it time for change? What kind of change?" Only you can say ... but consider this ... for now, life becomes more predicable when you embrace Change as your friend ... cause Change is a constant in the equation of life for connecting the present to the future. And know this ... by definition, "Change Is Forever." But if Change is Forever, maybe there is no such thing as Change?
To Be Alive
To be alive ... to be alive. And I'll always have these warm, tender feeling inside. It's cause I'm alive ... I'm alive. And my life is gonna be like them changing tides. I'm alive ... I'm alive.
To Be with God
"To be with God ... To be with God. It puts joy in my heart to be with God ... And to know that God is with me." "To share God's Love ... To share God's Love . It puts joy in my heart to share God's love ... And to know that God Shares love with me." "To be One with God. To Be One with God. It puts joy in my heart to be One with God ... And to know that God is One with me."
To Heal or To Nourish ...
During my morning meditation, this question went through my mind ... ... If I had only one prayer I could say every day would I choose ... ... "I pray to heal my heart and soul" ... ... or would I choose ... ... "I pray to nourish my heart and soul"? What are the differences?
To Know as You Know
I thought to myself today ... "If you (me) want to be a great communicator ... ... then practice being a great story teller. Learn to take listeners to a new dimension of awareness ... ... be their guide to a place you want them to know ... as you know. And when they arrive ... welcome them home."
Today I Prayed For ...
I came to Ashland, OR and prayed I'd be emotionally healed ... and I healed ... Baruch Hashem. Now I have one more request of Ashland ..."To nourish my heart to a place with abundant joy". That is my prayer today ... and all days from this day forth.
Today I Became Aware
Today I became aware of a life pattern I never recognized before ... ... a life pattern that was preventing me from obtaining my heart's desires ... my desperate fear of being rejected for "the- who" I am. And what I was doing to avoid this painful feeling ... ... I was unknowingly sabotaging my desires before they ever had an opportunity to blossom.
Towers in the Sky
I often worked hard building magnificent towers up to the sky ... ... but when I would finish and reach the top ... ... I did not know what to do next. And now that I do know ... I've stopped building towers in the sky.
Trusting My Godsoul
I recently began to fully trust my Godsoul as my life partner ... my friend ... my buddy ... as my journey moves on ... to a destination unknown ... and yet it's my home where I am from. And since I welcomed in this trust here in my HeartCenter, my life feels a kind of inner peace I've not known before ... that everything is and will be OK ... a peace that is with me every moment. A peace that connects me to Joy. Baruch Hashem ...
Trying to Connect
Are we all not Human-Spirits trying to connect to other Human-Spirits with similar energy-frequencies ... and why? And what of those Human-Spirits with much different frequencies than ours? So why would we care?
Understanding Sweet Blossoms
I thought I understood.  I liked what I understood.  But now I am not so sure I do understand.   How wonderful it was to feel at one with the flowers I saw along the roadway that so magically reached out and touched me. Always thankful to have experienced such Sweet Blossoms.    But these flowers soon disappeared as the season quickly changed, With nothing I could do to stop it. Left only to dream of their beauty … from the past. Left only to dream of their beauty … yet to come.    But soon the season will again … once more … change. With hopes these beautiful flowers do re-appear. Perhaps, just not in the same places.    And soon … I will again … once more ... understand.
As the union of man and woman evolves, it brings together complementing energies … energies which are based on "the who” that each is ... and "the who” that each is becoming. And thus this union gives birth to its own meaning for the word “Love”. And the very essence of this meaning brings each closer to the Oneness of God. As two become three, and three become one …. and then returning back to two again.
Until My Last Breath
Learn to celebrate your life everyday ... until it's not worth celebrating. And when will it be not worth celebrating? Well ... I'm sure you'll have your own personal thoughts on this possibility. As for me ... I've learned that my life is worth celebrating ... until my last breath ... comforted with a Silent-Knowing.
Vibrational Harmony
We know one of the essential elements to our own longevity is dependent on our ability to nourish our body in a way it can thrive. And even more crucial to longevity and contentment in our life ... ... is our ability to nourish our HeartCenter and GodSoul ... ... in a way we live everyday in peace ... ... in vibrational harmony with each other ... ... and in vibrational harmony with Mother Earth herself. And the way to vibrational harmony is sharing Loving-Kindness with All. Perhaps it is time we all tune into this vibrational frequency ... ... and live in harmony with Oneness.
What Do You Say?
Dear Friend ... I was just wondering how many of us can say ... "MyGod is with me ... ... when I awake ... ... during the day ... ... when I sleep." And for some, there is a nourishing practice ... ... a practice of sharing with TheirGod ... ... an appreciation for their connection ... ... as this sharing soothes their HeartCenter with Silent-Knowing. And know for some when connecting with TheirGod ... ... it re-tunes their energy frequencies of ... ... peace ... and joy ... and love ... ... and feeling in tune with the energy frequency of Oneness.
What Makes a Master?
What makes a master artesian and craftsman true Masters? They are always moving toward enhancing their toolsets that they use to create their expression ... toolsets both tangible and intangilble. And often not by desire ... but by need. Are there life toolsets you continue to enhance?
Whatever My Destiny Is
Whatever my destiny is, it will happen if I "Just Let It". To trust the wisdom of my GodSoul ... to trust the wisdom of GodSource. Recently, I'm learning and practicing how to "Just Let It".
When Special Was Special
I remember when something being called "Special" really meant something extraordinary to me. Not that there aren't very "Special" things offered in today's world ... ... but it seems today ... ... it's more the norm that something is referred to as "special" ... ... but just does not have the same "special" feeling any more. Know your "Special" and let it to shine ... and often.
When the Grieving Process Transforms
There have been very special moments over the course of my life that I will always remember ... moments now gone forever ... some that I deeply grieved for the loss. And each of those moments adding their own dimensions of mystical energy that shaped my life. And today, when I look back at those special moments ... and see how they have unknowingly transformed into precious moments ... as I now understand and greatly appreciate these precious moments very differently from when they first occurred ... and say ... "Thank You". So when does the grieving of loss subside? ... Perhaps when the grieving process transforms itself into a "Celebration of Gratitude" for those precious moments ... from once upon a time.
I do accept the "Who" I am ... the "Who" I have become. Just unsure who this "Who" really is ... or if it really matters any more ... or if it ever did. Hello "Who" whoever you are. Nice to finally get to know you 'Who" after all this time.
With No Judgement ...
Remember if you will ... your HeartCenter continues to change as the years go by ... for some, a few times ... while others, many. And sometimes when this change happens, you feel you've emerged in new and different ways, as a changed "being" ... seeing the world from a new and fresh Dimension of Personal Awareness. Whatever Dimension of Personal Awareness you are in, it's your Dimension, based on your life experiences ... with no-judgement ... no right or wrong. Cause what is, is ... and what ain't, ain't. And for some of you, your life may be quite satisfying and suit you well. And for others, perhaps you may want to explore a fresh Dimension of Awareness that is in greater harmony with your HeartCenter ... and with your Godsoul too. Dimensions of Personal Awareness with no-judgement ...
... sometimes i feel invisible ... no one sees me ... ... no one hears me ... ... yet here i am when someone needs me ... ... "how can i help" i ask them ... and then I do ... ... only to return to being invisible once more ...