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A Change on How You Connect


Ronnie Kaufman

Ashland, OR


My own Dimensions of Personal Awareness have evolved these past few years to a mostly peaceful place of "Silent-Knowing" ... for I have emotionally transformed in unknown and unexpected ways ... and along with it, my Dimension of Love Energy has grown in unexpected ways too.

And now that I understand how a simple daily practice could transform and nourish me emotionally and spiritually and physically with a new and positive attitude shift ... and that it was not difficult ... I knew it was time to claim it as Truth.

The practice is simply this ...
Perform "Acts of Loving-Kindness" every day whenever the opportunity presents itself ... large or small ... and importantly, offer them to everyone ... and often ... and realistically.

Within a short time, you'll begin to notice an almost mystical change on how you connect with the world ... and how you see yourself.

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