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Preface to MoA: Awaken the Wisdom Within


Ronnie Kaufman

Ashland, OR


Welcome to my Moments of Awareness Collection ...
- as I openly share some of my memorable Moments of Awareness, my "Aha" Moments from my eclectic journey of life, including the 1970's and then jumps to 2000 to present. Contact me with any questions you may have.

What MoA is about for me:
- a place where I share my life's special moments and beliefs ...
- including a simplification of the esoteric "language" of spirituality ...
- with no judgment ... just words with a simpler understanding ...
- and most important, "No Change Required".

Now, I invite you to "Explore" my words and see what you may find ...
- and perhaps some of these moments here may spark a moment from some of your own stories ...
- and from this spark ... you experience your own fresh awakening ...
- and maybe claim this awakening as yours ...
- and to say "Aha" ...
- and smile.

Contact me at:

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