Another Day in the Life of Me

Chicago - April 1973 - Age 26

Preface: I remember well waking up in the middle of the night in my second floor brownstone apartment on Burling Street in Chicago on a hot summers night and pretending and dreaming of what it would like to be free from the worry in my everyday life.

Another Day in the Life of Me

Another day in the life of me, another night ... I wonder what will tomorrow bring?

I wonder what will tomorrow bring?

Something new I need change … something nice and maybe just a little strange.

Maybe some money I could use the cash … I’d go out and party and make a big splash.

I'd move out of the old walls where I live. And move into a big house where parties I would give.

Or maybe travel to some far and exotic land, where people do strange dances with their body and their hands.

And learn their customs and learn their foreign tongue. And find a pretty native girl who was rich and who was young.

It's nice to close my eyes and dream. But sooner or later they must open and I must face the reality … that I still live in the same four walls … the rent due next week and my bank account is kind of small.

If I could make a wish and have all my dreams come true … I’d have no more worries … my problems would be through. For it’s these hopes and dreams that keep me going on. But right now I better just close my eyes and sleep … for soon it will be dawn.

by Ron Kaufman

from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection

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