To Be with God

Tucson, AZ - September 5, 2013 - Age: 66

Preface: When I woke on the morning of Rosh Hashanah, my strong desire was to have a personal communion with God and not go to the traditional High Holy Day services.

So I packed my tallit (prayer shawl), my old Union prayer book from when I was 10 years old, my shofar I got when I was in Israel and other things into my back pack ... and drove as far as I could up Mt Lemmon ... then hiked almost to the very top onto a ledge ... and held my own services as put on my tallit, read from the prayer book, mostly English … and Hebrew when I could ... blew the shofar at appropriate times and could hear it echoing down the canyon walls. I was at complete inner peace when my service completed.

Shortly after, I took out from my back pack the food I brought along and sat back and continued to be one with all the magnificent beauty that surrounded me as far as I could see. After I finished eating ... endearing thoughts began to dance through my mind ... so I took out my writing pad and wrote ...

It puts joy in my heart to be with God ... and to know that God is with me. - Mt Lemmon, AZ

To Be with God

"To be with God ... To be with God. It puts joy in my heart to be with God ... And to know that God is with me."

"To share God's Love ... To share God's Love . It puts joy in my heart to share God's love ... And to know that God Shares love with me."

"To be One with God. To Be One with God. It puts joy in my heart to be One with God ... And to know that God is One with me."

by Ronnie Kaufman

from his "Labyrinth of Life" Collection

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